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Make your product decision
based on reliable data!
Imperative Gizmo

Imperative Gizmo

Take days, weeks or months to let Imperative Gizmo build as much history as you need to become comfortable with a product or a niche.

Your product decision should be based on reliable trends, trends that will ensure that the potential products meet your strategy vis-à-vis price, rank and competition.

Looking for reliable rank and sales data for Amazon products?

Get detailed real-time report for the products you have chosen
and understand the trends

Easy way to add products to your tracking list.
Simply paste a list of ASINs you are interested in and we'll do the rest.

Once you have added products, all the data will be tracked in real-time.
Track product ranks, prices and number of sellers changes over time.
See estimated sales data. Enter your cost to calculate breakeven and estimated profit.

Not sure which products have good potential for selling?
Setup the filters and take advantage of the results while Imperative Gizmo does all the job for you!

No guesswork, only real-time reliable data directly from Amazon

No guesswork, only real-time reliable data directly from Amazon

Imperative Gizmo provides you with real-time reports and the latest Amazon updates of Sales Rank, Price, number and types of Sellers! Get sales estimates, enter your cost to calculate profit!

Now you can see the trend with your own eyes, understand customer behavior and choose a proper product at a right time.

Predict the trend and choose the best product to increase your sales.

Get sales estimates based on your cost and breakeven!

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