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Opportunity Gizmo

Whether you are expending your business online, developing white label business, or in search of retail arbitrage - finding the right products determines success.

Opportunity Gizmo Chrome extension brings together pricing, ranking, sales estimates and other crucial data saving you hours and days of unnecessary copy/pasting.

All-in-One at a Glance

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for efficient Amazon research


Customize Opportunity Gizmo to work with your niche

Does your product category have relevant entries in “Customers Also Bought”? Product pages have variations? You decide on the categories and precision of your searches and set the tool up accordingly!

Automate your scanning process, save your time and start earning money instead of scraping data!

Enable additional features providing your Amazon Marketplace Service (MWS) account info!

Fine-tune the results

Whether your strategy is mass market or long tail, our tool will help you filter and pick the products that matter to you! The results could be aggregated over multiple days and search sessions. Once done – export and save your findings for the future or forward these products for tracking with Imperative Gizmo.

Launch Your Amazon Business to the Stars!

Launch Your Amazon Business to the Stars!

Whether you are launching a new business or extending an existing one, proper product is definitely something that determines your success. Don't believe in chance, believe in data and may the Force of Opportunity Gizmo be with you!

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Imperative Gizmo

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