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3 Things to do to Increase Number of Product Reviews on Amazon

Today I am going to talk about something really timely – product reviews and 3 simple things to do to improve reviews you are getting and get more reviews, regardless  if your product is brand new or not. So let’s dive in!

There has been a lot of changes over the last year when it comes to getting reviews on Amazon, and a lot of people are now struggling in this area. So i decided to offer 3 quick tips today – things you can tweak or change in your process right now to get more product reviews.


Tip 1: Sell better products!

This is really simple, but I have found in several years that I have been selling private label products on Amazon and other marketplaces that the better your product – the more reviews you will get!

Think about it. When was the last time you had an experience, whether that was through a product or maybe it was a restaurant that you have tried out that you just LOVED, and you couldn’t help but tell other people about. You know, it doesn’t happen very often, in fact most of the time, we as consumers are left kind of feeling ambivalent about a product. It is not necessarily a bad experience the we usually feel about new products or services that we try, but it’s not something that we want to rush out and tell everyone about.

This is all true to what customers feel when we sell them a product on Amazon. It’s not that they might have a bad experience with you product and fail to leave a review, but it’s simply not something over the top. And i can tell you when I look at our portfolio of products – the few that perform the best (and we had to work the least hard to get reviews for) are the ones that are just incredible products!

So look through your roster of products, whether it’s just one or a hundred and ask yourself: which of those really stand out, and what tweaks can you make to your existing product line-up. Always focus on those that a great products!


Tip 2: Ask for a review! Engage with your customers! Do it smart!

I am shocked at how many people that I come across aren’t using email follow up as a way to get reviews or underutilizing follow up. Many people set up some email follow up tool a year ago, when they started, but haven’t ever gone back to it since!

Many people don’t look at emails’ open rate, or click-through rate, they don’t test different follow up sequences, and see whether 3 emails work better than 4, or 2 work better than 3, or whether delivering them a week after shipment to customer works better, than delivering them as soon as it’s shipped.

These are all the things that you can test, and data does not lie. What does your copy look like? Does it look like a template that came with your follow-up software? Have you tweaked it in any way? Have you customized it to your brand and product? Are you asking for feedback or you are actually asking your customer to let you know how their experience has been? These things are SUPER IMPORTANT!

You should such a follow up that it gets your customers engaged, it motivates them to take action, it opts them into your world. After customer is engaged – make a personal connection with that customer and only then ask for a review!


Tip3: Start local! Ask for feedback from people around you and ask them to leave a review.

This is especially useful for those of you who are in your product launch cycle, when you are trying to get your first 5 or ten reviews, which we all know are critical to providing social proof and getting a product off and running. And this is something that is not used a lot, but to my opinion it is really powerful.

Amazon makes it clear in their terms that it is perfectly acceptable to hand out samples of your product at a trade show or to existing customers, or to anyone. You then ask those people for a review of that product, that is perfectly OK. Big brands do that all the time! You’ll go to a trade show and they are handing stuff out for testing and asking for feedback. So you go setup at a yoga studio (if you are selling sport products), or a library, or a tradeshow or wherever there is a gathering of people! Ask them to test your product.

It’s not necessary for someone to purchase your product on Amazon to leave a review. You can ask your customers to go and leave their feedback in a form of product review on Amazon.

It might be that a feedback those people leave on Amazon, but haven’t purchased through Amazon will appear in unverified section, but it’s ok! Even if that review goes away in couple of months or a year or so – it has served its purpose, it has done you well.


Hope that this article was of help!

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