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4 Buyer`s Behavior Insights You`ve Never Heard Of

Imagine how valuable it would be if you could get into the brains of your customers on Amazon! That would let you answer questions like:

  • How did you find my product?
  • What was the thing that appealed to you most?
  • What caused you to make the decision to purchase this product?
  • Would you purchase the same thing from my competitor?

This is what I am going to cover in today’s blog post.

One of the biggest complaints that sellers always had about selling on Amazon is the lack of options, control and information that Amazon gives you! Part of that is the inability to interact directly with your customers (besides email follow ups), and now Amazon is making that even more difficult. I have often thought “it would have been nice if you could create a poll or somehow find out what your customers on Amazon are thinking”.

Now it looks like Amazon has began to listen: they have created a new program that allows us, sellers, to do just that! It`is called Amazon Insights.

insights for Amazon sellers

Now, the program is in limited, or rolling beta stage right now, and it means that not everybody knows about it, because they are not giving access to everyone. Though I have dug around and I have a link you can use to sign up for Amazon Insight program!

So what is Amazon Insights?

It’s a really cool program that allows you to create polls for your Amazon products. When you first go to the landing page, you will be asked to select what you want to accomplish. There are 4 topics that they give you access to; you choose one, then select one of your Amazon products, fill out some information and hit submit.

Those 4 topics are:

  • Purchase Behavior
  • Product Awareness
  • Product Opinion
  • Custom Option

Purchase behavior

Purchase behavior gives you the ability to ask customers who have viewed but did not end up purchasing your product, or maybe got the product from one of your competitors in your category. You can ask them what the most important factor was in the selection of the product that they ended up buying. The options are price, brand, reviews, product features or product description.

When Amazon shows this poll to buyers, they are actually pulling your product’s image, and simply ask them, what was the most important factor from your selection that led to the purchase?

Product Awareness

In this poll option Amazon asks the buyer – “how did you first hear about this product?”. This poll will be shown to buyers that have actually purchased your product. They can select social networks, online/tv ads, whether it was recommended by a friend, whether they first heard about it on Amazon or through another internet search.

This poll option would be really helpful, especially if you are doing all kinds of different advertising, driving traffic from social media or word of mouth campaign.

Product Opinion

In this polling option Amazon asks buyer how likely they are to recommend this product to others. So again, this is shown to buyers of your product, and it could be really valuable to determine how satisfied they are, and reveal areas for you to improve.

Buyers can choose from ‘’Very Likely’’ to all the way down to ‘’Very Unlikely’’. So if you want to know how pleased people are after purchasing your product, how likely they will be to recommend it to someone else, this option could be really valuable for your Amazon Insights campaign.

Custom Option

…or custom question. In this Amazon give you an ability to enter your own questions and answers and to select your targeting criteria.

Amazon gives you a neat little preview of what that poll would look like when it’s displayed to buyers.

What’s next?

One you submit your campaign, Amazon promises to get back to you within 7 days with valuable insights.

Simply follow the link to join Amazon Insights!

One thing to note is that this is a paid service that Amazon provides. Theoretically, they are looking for additional ways to generate revenue from us sellers. They realize that giving us access to this valuable data, Insights as they are calling it, is something that people are willing to pay for. I am definitely willing to pay for it, I don’t know how much yet, but that part we will just have to wait and find out.