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Amazon seller metrics changes


One of the biggest complaints from Amazon Sellers has always been that, while Amazon holds you to certain standards, they don’t give you a lot of information as it relates to how you are performing service-wise. You probably have heard horror stories when people wake up in the morning and see, that their accounts are suspended, or have some negative action taken against them. Often you hear they say: “I had no warning!”


Now, with the new recent updates, Amazon is trying to make a much more friendly environment for sellers just like you and I, especially as it comes to how we are doing in terms of performance and ability to track those metrics.

Just several weeks ago Amazon rolled out a new Account Health feature. Now you can login to your Seller Central account and hover overPerformance at the top portion of the page – there you will see Account Health.

Clicking on it, you will see your screen populate will all kinds of new things. Some of these things, like late shipment rate, pre-fulfillment cancel rate, have been there for a long time. But other things like order defect rate, product authenticity, product safety complaints – those are new.

In fact there are lots of things there to discuss, but we are not going line them one by one, instead in this post I’d like to draw your attention to couple of new specific features, and talk to you of where I think Amazon is going with this. And in the the end, I’ve got stuff that you can take, and it will help all of us to continue to encourage Amazon to make their platform even more friendly to sellers.

Important stuff!

The first thing that hasn’t changed, and probably doesn’t matter that much to you, especially if you are using FBA for all of your orders, is shipping performance metrics, over on the right hand side of Account Health. There you can toggle between Seller-fulfilled and FBA.

Over on the left is a column that has been there for a while, which includes your negative feedback, acts of buyers who leave you negative feedback, any chargebacks.

On the top of Amazon Account Health dashboard is a fairly new and a very important metric – Order Defect Rate. I believe it’s one the most common reason why sellers get suspended, or their accounts get taken under review. That is, if customers are complaining about defects, or Amazonreceives inventory and does the spot check, taking your products out of the packaging to test it, noticing that it is defective – it will definitely harm your metrics.

Towards the middle of dashboard is a brand new feature, that is most exciting to me – Product Policy Violations. Up until now it was impossible or very hard for you to know whether your products had received any complaints regarding their authenticity or their safety. For example: if someone contacted Amazon customer service, and thought that their product was counterfeit – that is a complaint regarding product authenticity, or they say that a product harmed them in some way – that would qualify as a product safety complaint. Amazon takes those types of complaints very-very seriously, they are viewed as a policy violation. With this you can have your account shut down by just having ONE of those types of complaints, and certainly if you have multiple complaints – it’s not good news!

Amazon has not always been the best in making it easy for us to know about these types of complaints: there first notification you could have received after your account has been suspended. And then you are fighting kind of an uphill battle, because you don’t have all the information timely. Now, however, it’s very nice of Amazon to give us these metrics, let us monitor them on a daily-weekly-monthly basis to make sure we are staying ahead of the curve, and that we can respond to those types of complaints, should they happen, in a timely manner.

Kudos for Amazon!

Now it looks like Amazon starts to care more about the sellers, when previously they obviously cared only about the buyers. I consider this a monumental step forward in Amazon trying to make their platform and their marketplace more fair to both sellers and buyers. Especially in light of all of the changes over the recent months. I think it’s important to take note of that and give Amazon some credit when it is due. And this is a situation, when i really feel like it is due.