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Black Friday is round the corner. Time to plan and restock

Black Friday is approaching fast and it is the very time for Amazon sellers to place purchase orders and refill the stock in anticipation of big profits. With that, big profits are never easy, so you need to do your homework and think carefully before filling in your stock.

Being an Amazon seller you should take some time to analyze your selling statistics from the last year’s Black Friday event – check what was selling the most and where the profit margin was the greatest – this will be your starting point in making decisions what groups of products to fill in your stock with.

Another set of data worth paying attention to is the Amazon bestsellers list during Back Friday in 2017. Check your even balance for these product groups to see if you can win selling these this year keeping in mind that a year has almost passed already and there may be slight changes in the market. When browsing through the list, keep in mind that Amazon Prime Day and Amazon Black Friday sales have different product groups in bestsellers, so take only BF 2017 data for analysis.

And last but not least – do the same data analysis for the Cyber Monday that is coming right after Black Friday. You may find that your estimated profits will overwhelm those from Black Friday.

So get prepared for profits and feel free to use AzGizmo set of tools for more grounded inventory planning.