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4 Buyer`s Behavior Insights You`ve Never Heard Of

Imagine how valuable it would be if you could get into the brains of your customers on Amazon! That would let you answer questions like: How did you find my product? What was the thing that appealed to you most? What caused you to make the decision to purchase this product? Would you purchase the…

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4 tips to maximize your everyday sales on Amazon!

Prime Day is Amazon’s summertime version of Black Friday. On this day millions of products are sold at a discounted price, and it takes place on the second Tuesday in July every year. And July 12th, 2017 was the biggest Prime day in Amazon’s history: it was bigger than Black Friday, bigger than Cyber Monday,…

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Opportunity Gizmo on ProductHunt!

We`re proud to share our small victory with our users. We got featured on Product Hunt! Thank you for choosing us, none of this would have happened without you! Support us with your likes, dear friends!

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Opportunity Gizmo: Product Update! Faster Than Ever!

Amazon research is now much faster with the latest Opportunity Gizmo update! We are happy to inform that Opportunity Gizmo Chrome plugin has been updated to the new version – 2.0.3. Make sure you have the latest version to enjoy the new improvements and features. What’s new: – Up to 70% scanning speed improvement –…

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Opportunity Gizmo: Product Update! Welcome to Estimated Sales!

We are proud to announce that our scouting tool for Amazon US and Canada – AZ Opportunity Gizmo – has just improved with new features. Now Estimated Sales and Estimated Revenue data is available for the scanned products. These features are included into the PRO feature package as well as product historical data brief overview.…

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One thing that drops your conversion rate on Amazon!

Today I want to talk to you about something that is very simple but very powerful! And it is something that is probably killing your conversion rate, if you sell on Amazon. And you might not even be aware of it! So what is that one thing that you can tweak and fix in five…

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5 Tips to Help Increase Funding for your Amazon Business

Today I am going to share with you my insights on a topic I am very excited about because that is one of the most common questions that arise before every entrepreneur. And that is funding! How to get funding for my Amazon business, my privatel label business, my physical product business, any business? And…

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Amazon Long Term Storage Fees: Things to Know

long term storage fees on amazon

If you are selling on Amazon then you have to know that long term storage fees really impact your bottom line twice a year when they are calculated. If you are about to get hit by long term storage fees or if you are not sure if these things affect you then this article is…

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How to brainstorm ideas for what to sell on Amazon

come up products to sell on amazon

Did you know that starting something is actually 50% completing it? This principle is easily applied for selecting best products to sell on Amazon. And selecting these products actually starts with brainstorming. There is a misconception floating in the air that coming up with fresh new ideas isn’t easy. Well, I am here to tell…

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My tips to getting faster results from Chinese suppliers

contact chinese suplliers

When choosing a supplier in China, you will eventually have to get in contact and start negotiations. This article will help you be at your best when communicating with suppliers and will give you some more insight on how to improve your communication with Chinese suppliers. If you haven’t chosen a supplier yet, be sure…

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