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Amazon Long Term Storage Fees: Things to Know

long term storage fees on amazon

If you are selling on Amazon then you have to know that long term storage fees really impact your bottom line twice a year when they are calculated. If you are about to get hit by long term storage fees or if you are not sure if these things affect you then this article is…

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How to brainstorm ideas for what to sell on Amazon

come up products to sell on amazon

Did you know that starting something is actually 50% completing it? This principle is easily applied for selecting best products to sell on Amazon. And selecting these products actually starts with brainstorming. There is a misconception floating in the air that coming up with fresh new ideas isn’t easy. Well, I am here to tell…

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My tips to getting faster results from Chinese suppliers

contact chinese suplliers

When choosing a supplier in China, you will eventually have to get in contact and start negotiations. This article will help you be at your best when communicating with suppliers and will give you some more insight on how to improve your communication with Chinese suppliers. If you haven’t chosen a supplier yet, be sure…

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3 things to know before importing products to sell on Amazon

importing from China to USA

It is true that with the introduction of FBA service by Amazon back in September 2006 it has become easy for any small or mid-sized biz to become successful in the online e commerce jungle. It has become possible to avoid renting or owning warehouses to store and ship items to final customers. It has…

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Why Selling on Amazon Works

When I tell people that I sell on Amazon they usually get excited. And that is for a reason – everyone has heard of how great of an opportunity it is, but never delve any deeper. Usually people start conversations with me and have assumptions: Well, Amazon is just ‘’another website’’ It really matters not…

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? 3 Proven Ways to Find Products to Sell on Amazon ?

All over the world there are people building six and seven figure brands and they are doing it in their basements and their spare bedrooms! And that’s what Amazon allows YOU to do! It allows you to change trajectory of your life. Whether you are looking at Amazon as a little part of your monthly…

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5 things to look out before your private label mass production!

Choosing a manufacturer for your product can be a challenge. You have a great new product, and you have done all the required test to ensure as much as possible that it will be successful. Maybe you have been making small batches of the product in your garage assembling them yourself, and now you can’t…

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Imperative Gizmo: Product Update

Our Amazon Product Tracker product – Imperative Gizmo – that provides you with real-time reports and the latest Amazon updates of Sales Rank, Price, number and types of Sellers has just got better! Now it also provides users with estimated sales data! And never before seen in any product research tools – Imperative Gizmo allows…

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3 Things to do to Increase Number of Product Reviews on Amazon

Today I am going to talk about something really timely – product reviews and 3 simple things to do to improve reviews you are getting and get more reviews, regardless  if your product is brand new or not. So let’s dive in! There has been a lot of changes over the last year when it…

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On Febuary 22nd Amazon is updating its FBA fee structure and fee calculation formula!

All of AZ Gizmo products have been updated to reflect these changes. So no worries, you can continue to rely on our precise calculations! If you are AZ Opportunity Gizmo user, make sure that your Chrome extension is updated to the latest version. For AZ Mobile Gizmo, check Google Play and AppStore for the new versions. AZ Imperative Gizmo does not require…

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