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AZ Opportunity Gizmo: new release

Thanks everyone who helps to improve AZ Opportunity Gizmo. This week update included the following fixes: 1. Fixed parsing Rank from pages. 2. Fixed “Cancel” dialog (show always on top). 3. Fixed “Best Seller Category” scanning. 4. Fixed reloading page on pages which can’t relocate from https to http. 5. Added “Clear” button near at…

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Important updates in AZgizmo FBA Calculator!

The new version of our mobile FBA calculator now is available on Play Market. We have added “Search by ASIN” feature – just enter the product ASIN and ITS dimensions, weight and price will be populated automatically (If available on Amazon for the given product). We want to thank our BETA testers who came up with…

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Open Pre–release of AZ Opportunity Gizmo

We continue open pre–release of AZ Opportunity Gizmo and invite everyone to join us in creation of perfect tool for Amazon sellers. All participants will get free subscription to AZ Imperative Gizmo when released, and the most active beta testers will get life time AZ Imperative Gizmo subscription.

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AZ Opportunity Gizmo 1.6.8 Release Notes

Thanks to our beta testers, last week we fixed the following issues:   — No more page freezing while scanning pages with a huge amount of products. — Fixed FBA FEE calculation for products having Approximate Weight and Approximate Dimensions. — Approximate Weight column converts weight measures to pounds. — Fixed product categories mapping issues. — Every product on the…

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Important Update

As of today, Amazon changed the logic of the FBA calculation, that’s why it’s vital to update both – Chrome AZgizmo app and AZgizmo Android FBA calculator. Both apps should update automatically, but just in case check that your Chrome App has version 1.6.7 and your FBA calculator has version 1.1.0 Feel free to contact…

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FBA Fee Calculator

We have good news for Amazon sellers — new FBA calculator is available on Google Play Market. Your Android app for Amazon FBA calculation is always with you. (Yes, we are aware of FBA calculation changes by February 18th and the app will be updated on time.)     If you are an iPhone user,…

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Development Progress

Our development team works hard to improve Opportunity Gizmo for you. This week we made few improvements in functionality and design. Design change: we have hidden YouTube, Skype, Mail to and Website link icons, you can find all those under FAQ icon. We’ve also added explanations to the settings . Functionality changes include improvements of…

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The idea of Opportunity Gizmo creation belongs not to IT company, as it usually happens with business tool, but to one Amazon seller. Working for years on Amazon, this seller, let’s call him Mr.Gizmo, was regularly researching the market trying to find what products are in trend and what goods he can sell with the…

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