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Frequently Asked Questions

What Amazon markets does AZ Gizmo support?

Currently Opportunity Gizmo supports US and CA Amazon markets.

Currently Imperative Gizmo supports US Amazon market only.

Mobile Gizmo supports US Amazon market only.

However, we are planning on expanding our reach to many more Amazon markets with future product updates.

How much does it cost to use AZ Gizmo?

Opportunity Gizmo, an extension for Google Chrome browser, comes in 2 versions: Lite & Pro.

Lite version is free and will always remain free!

Pro version of Opportunity Gizmo packs additional functionality and requires one time payment.

Imperative Gizmo is currently in beta stage and all usage is free. Commercial version will feature a monthly paid subscription with fixed cost.

Mobile Gizmo is currently free of charge.

Check our Pricing Page for more info on products' prices and features.

Will Opportunity Gizmo work in Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer, etc?

No, extension will only work with Google Chrome browser.

What are the benefits of using MWS credentials in AZ Gizmo products

AZ Opportunity Gizmo can be configured to use Amazon MWS account which results in a more accurate data output.

In some cases data values retrieved by AZ Opportunity Gizmo may differ from what you see on Amazon when logged in under your credentials. That’s why we have implemented an ability for AZ Opportunity Gizmo to get the most accurate data by giving an option for a user to specify his/her MWS credentials.

That being said, AZ Opportunity Gizmo still can and is used by numerous sellers without providing MWS credentials - it is not a mandatory requirement to benefit from the service.

Whether you link your MWS account with AZ Opportunity Gizmo or enjoy the service anonymously, AZ Opportunity Gizmo extension does not store, transmit or share any of your data (including MWS credentials). It is stored locally on your personal computer(s) you use with AZ Opportunity Gizmo plugin.

Check this helpfile along with the video to find out how to sign up for MWS.

On the other hand, Imperative Gizmo requires MWS credentials to be provided in settings screen in order to start tracking products.

Check this helpfile along with the video on how to plug in your MWS credentials in Imperative Gizmo.

Will AZ Gizmo work with eBay or other services?

Currently AZ Gizmo works with Amazon markets only.

Our Products

Opportunity Gizmo

Opportunity Gizmo

Get product’s data insights, while searching or browsing Amazon right in your browser. Opportunity Gizmo Chrome extension brings together pricing, ranking, sales estimates and other crucial data saving you hours and days of routine job.
Imperative Gizmo

Imperative Gizmo

Imperative Gizmo helps Amazon sellers make better decisions, relying on trends rather than single data points. Avoid problematic products – those with accidental spikes in popularity, or those that are sometimes sold by Amazon.
Mobile Gizmo

Mobile Gizmo

A powerful research assistant on the go – search by product name or ISBN, or simply scan a barcode and get vital Amazon product info, including FBA fees. Build a product collection and forward results to an email for a later review.