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How to brainstorm ideas for what to sell on Amazon

Did you know that starting something is actually 50% completing it? This principle is easily applied for selecting best products to sell on Amazon. And selecting these products actually starts with brainstorming.

There is a misconception floating in the air that coming up with fresh new ideas isn’t easy. Well, I am here to tell you that it is EASY! All you need to do is start! Start brainstorming! And in the process of brainstorming the ideas you will uncover new opportunities for your business, train your brain, and extend your vision.

I decided to divide my article in 2 parts:

  1. First let me tell you my brainstorming tricks to inspire brilliant ideas
  2. I will show you ways to brainstorm great ideas for products to sell on Amazon

So let’s start!


Part 1: My Brainstorming Tricks

When you are an entrepreneur you constantly need to extend your vision, keeping your brain fit. So let me share with you a list of things to be aware of to get great results:


Get the timing right!

Choosing a time to be creative is very important. It does depend on each person individually, but it is true that for most people late morning several hours before lunch is a very good time to be creative. It’s no news that people tend to get a little bit laid back right after lunch, getting less focused towards the end of the day. So start your creative brainstorming process in the mornings.


Draw the doodles!

Just don’t tell me that you can’t draw. Everyone can in some way or another. It really matters not how you draw. What really matters is that for many people representing an idea visually expands the focus, stimulates neurological access, that is usually intact when simply brainstorming words, even though they may not realize it. Doodling also helps increase attention span and spurs creative insight!

Doodling sessions help people to break out of a traditional mindset always leading to unexpected connections. Things that you might not have thought about in the first place become a reality. So get to drawing!


Play word games!

To break yourself from a common mindset I really advise you to start playing word games. My favourite is ‘’word storm’’. Simply draw a word, and the start writing down words that come to your mind when you picture your original word. Think of the functions of the original word, methaphors. Let the ideas flow naturally and quick, – you will later shortlist them.

Having a huge list of words, try grouping them together in a way that they become related to each other. You will be surprised of the abundance of new ideas.

Mind mapping is a second powerful brainstorming tool. Simply draw a diagram stating your central idea and start branching out sub groups. Use MindNode app for efficient mindmapping.


Part 2: Brainstorm Product Ideas for Amazon

1. Use WatchCount to see how many times people looked at different products on eBay platform, and how many times they bought something this way. Doing so will give you good ideas on what is trendy and what is in demand.

Check out this video explaining how cool WatchCount is and how to utilize it to get great product ideas:

Surely pay more attention to the actual sales amounts rather than watch count.


2. Every once in awhile check with Google Shopping.

Google Shopping shows the most popular search trends, so you can get ideas about what people actually search for.


3. Consult Amazon’s Top Products list

Make sure to check all these categories:

  • Best Sellers – updated hourly;
  • Hot New Release – updated hourly;
  • Moves & Shakers – Updated daily.
  • Most wished for – Updated daily;
  • Gift ideas – Updated daily.


4. has a list of its top 100 product searches. I like this tool because it provides a list of items that you normally can’t find on popular sites like Amazon or eBay


5. Have a peek at what’s going on on Kickstarter.

Besides getting bunch of good ideas not yet implemented into products and getting inspiration, you might as well contact the guys and try to become a retailer.


6. Go to Walmart and walk through the rows, ideas are everywhere, so you will definitely find something to think about. You will combine a healthy walk and effective brainstorm. 🙂 Don’t forget to download Mobile Gizmo app that will help you quickly scan product and see its price and how it’s selling on Amazon. Might as well purchase quite a few things for retail arbitrage.


7. Visit popular Chinese websites to get new product ideas:


8. Visit Amazon and start analyzing product departments with Opportunity Gizmo.

Start scanning first 5 pages of products in each department to see which products are in demand and what’s the competition. Combine all these products into one research sheet and filter it by rank/estimated sales.


Remember, acquiring great ideas requires great focus, much practice and hard work. Make it your daily mantra to start your day with trying to brainstorm few profitable ideas for products to sell on Amazon. Effort will turn into habit, and in some time you won’t be short on products to sell on Amazon. So, go and start looking for new product ideas!