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How to Get BuyBox Everytime!

So what is BuyBox? And what does it mean to own BuyBox when you sell on Amazon? Why BuyBox is so important?

It is good to remember that Amazon was designed for lots of sellers to compete on price and sell the same product. It really was never designed for what most of us are doing out there – selling our own brands of products.

To put it simply, BuyBox is the algorithm that Amazon uses to determine which seller is displayed on the product details page. So if you go to most product pages on Amazon, if you see an add to cart button – whichever seller is attached to that ”Add to Cart” button is winning the BuyBox at that particular time.

Now, we don’t know the exact formula, if anyone tells you they do – they are lying, but with do know with testing and experience some of the factors that contribute to scoring the BuyBox.

Factors that contribute to winning BuyBox:

Price – Amazon loves to offer their customers the lowest price on items. So in most cases the seller with the lowest price for the same product wins the BuyBox. But it is not quite that simple. There are other factors involved that can get you to BuyBox.

Seller Rating – When people leave seller feedback (shipped the items on time, what is damaged, how was the customer service, etc.) not reviews, – those seller feedbacks are very important. It’s not uncommon for sellers with higher seller feedback score the BuyBox, even if their price is a little bit higher, than that of competitors.

Time you have been selling on Amazon – Amazon is known to reward sellers that have been with them for a long period of time. If does relate to your higher seller feedback, but now always. The only thing you can  do here is just be patient.

Multiple products sellers – It has been proven in the past that sellers with more than one product are given precedence over sellers that might just sell one product on Amazon.

Prime Eligible Product – Amazon is known to give precedence to sellers and give them a bigger percentage of that BuyBox if their item is fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), or is otherwise primed via seller. So, unless there is a real reason not to use FBA – and that could be if your item is really heavy or bulky – you should always go with FBA, otherwise you are missing out on points this gives you in scoring that BuyBox.


So why does BuyBox matter so much?

If you sell wholesale or if you sell arbitrage, a model when you are not the only seller for a particular product, winning the BuyBox is important, because if you are not the BuyBox owner – people are not buying from you on Amazon. Really seldom sellers do sit down to compare and see the list of sellers, also selling the product, to choose from. Most of the times they are clicking add to cart, and order an item from BuyBox holder.

Even if you are Private Labeling, and you are the only seller of the product, it’s important to understand how Amazon calculates this BuyBox to the best of our ability. It’s possible to lose a BuyBox for a product, even if you are the only seller.

If you ever go to product detail page and rather than ‘’Add to Cart’’ it says ‘’This product is available from these sellers’’ – that means that no one holds the BuyBox at this moment. If you are a PL, and the only seller of the product, you may still lose BuyBox when Amazon algorithm thinks that the price that you had set is not competitive. This may happen when you have been selling a product for some time with a certain price and then made some drastic changes.

Things that can help winning back the BuyBox is lowering your price or going to you Pricing tab and setting Minimum and Maximum Price.


I hope this short article was helpful whether you sell wholesale, arbitrage or you are private labeling. Now you understand a little bit of how BuyBox works and how it relates to your sales on Amazon.