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How to manage and optimize reviews on Amazon

In this post I’d like to share with you some basic principles that I live by in terms of my listing when it comes to selling on Amazon. It used to be pretty easy to get reviews on Amazon and you didn’t need that many to be competitive. If you had 50 reviews on your product on Amazon – you were doing quite well!

Today it’s really not the case. Today you need a 100 or 150 or, in some cases, 300 or 400 reviews on a product in order to be competitive with those that have more reviews than you do.


How to get reviews on Amazon?

Let’s talk about some ways to get reviews. Reviews can be had by soliciting family and friends to try out your product and then leave a review on Amazon – not my preferred method, because of it is hard to get them to stick: Amazon evaluates the reviews and can remove a review if it finds out that reviewer is close to a seller.

There are also facebook groups and review groups out there – I tend to stay away from those, although I know some people who have had success there, because they tend to be a little bit risky: Amazon may remove those reviews in large masses if it finds out about the origin of these reviews, and we have seen this in the last couple of months on Amazon.

The third way to get reviews is through some type of a paid promotional service to get reviews. That would be something like Zonblast. Even though Zonblast does not make it their mission to get into the review space, they are not mainly a review tool, however some of the giveaways that you do through a program like Zonblast will result in reviews. So that’s something to consider too.

Those are three ways to get reviews, but we haven’t yet talked about the absolutely BEST way to get reviews – that is organically. Every day you have people buying your product, or you should have people buying your product, whether it’s 2 people or 200 people.

Those people, your customers, are the best source of reviews. So you need to be taking care of them, and you need to be engaging with them, reaching out to them, asking for their feedback and reviews! That is absolutely the best and safest way to get reviews that will stick and to get reviews that will help propel your product forward.


How to manage reviews on Amazon the proper way?

Now let’s talk about ways to manage reviews that you have on your listing. I see so many people that aren’t doing this properly.

Reviews take up 2 primary areas on your product listing. The first, and the one you are probably familiar with is the one on the bottom of the listing. There is absolutely nothing you can do to manipulate which reviews show up in ‘’Most Recent Customer Reviews’’ location. ‘’Most Recent Customer Reviews’’ will always be the most recent 10 or so reviews for your listing.

So, the only thing to do if you have a bad review show up there is to sell more products and get more reviews! One ninja tip that I can share with you here is to let your customer feedback to bottle up, so that you are not converting that customer feedback into reviews, until you get a negative one or two star review. Then we’ll just ping 10 or 20 of our customers that left us positive seller feedback and say: Hey would you mind going over here and leave your feedback as a review. Often times this technique will result in a pretty quick result of people coming in, leaving reviews that push your recent negative one or two star off of those ‘’Most Recent Customer Reviews’’ section.

The second area where reviews show up on your listing (and most important) is also at the bottom of the listing and is called ‘’Top Customer Reviews’’. Here you have complete control when it comes to which reviews will show up in this area. And you do that by having reviews voted up or down. And what i mean by this is that there is a section under each review that says: Was this review helpful? The more people that click Yes, the higher up this review will show up in ‘’Top Customer Reviews’’ section.

So what i recommend doing is getting a pool of 10 friends or colleagues, fellow Amazon sellers, and ask them to vote up or down specific reviews. You can pick 5 or 10 best reviews of your product and have those voted up. When you are just starting up, one or few votes should do it. This way you will have great reviews show up at the top of ‘’Top Customer Reviews’’ section.

Conversely, if you have a negative review, – have it down-voted a few times! It will give you an insurance that negative review will not show up in that ‘’Top Customer Reviews’’ section.

This process should become a part of either your daily or weekly maintenance for your product listing. As you go along customers are also going to vote up and down on some of those reviews that could alter which ones show up under the ‘’Top Customer Reviews’’ section from time to time. If you are new to this, you can probably get away with just checking that every week or so, but after you have been selling awhile you want to start this process every single day to make sure that you stay on top of it.


One final thing!

Have the right reviews show up under the most helpful reviews section! When you go to your product listing and you click on the total number of reviews, amazon will bring up an area where there is top positive review and top critical review. This is based on the same formula: it utilizes up and down vote mechanism. What i recommend you do is to get 3-star review that is not that bad (there are even 3-star reviews that are very positive and say: Awesome product!) and have it voted up so that it shows up as your top critical review!

Because here’s the logic here: if a customer looks at your top positive review and your top critical review, and they see that even your top critical review says that customers like the product, then this customer is more likely to buy, compared to them looking at a very negative critical review.

Hope this helps you on your Amazon journey! Be sure to also check my article on battling negative reviews!