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Life bocomes easier for Amazon Sellers

“Imagine2019” event has brought much interesting news about Adobe’s vision of global e-commerce ecosystem evolution. Their Magneto open source e-commerce platform is enjoyed by all kinds of sellers around the world already and now Adobe targeted Amazon to be integrated into their selling platform.

Individual and SME sellers are doing business through various selling channels and it is not convenient to configure and track inventory, prices, purchase orders separately for each selling platform like Amazon, E-bay, Ali, own store, etc. And that’s where the new integration between Amazon and Magneto kicks in – with the new feature, Amazon sellers will be able to manage and track their Amazon inventory and profits from within their Magneto Platform.

According to Peter Sheldon, Magento Senior Director of Strategy at Adobe, this integration, Amazon Sales Channel, will be totally customizable and will help Amazon Sellers win the Buy Box by a number of means like configuring sophisticated reprice rules, etc. With Amazon being one of the most popular sales markets, this will definitely be a step forward in making life easier for Amazon sellers.

Another thing is that Magneto is an open-source and free-to-use e-commerce platform, which will definitely be a pain for third-party inventory tracking tools, who may lose their users due to their migration to Magneto.

Amazon and Adobe are clearly targeted at D2C selling and are also working on the Branded Stores project. This will offer a set of Magneto based features for smaller Amazon sellers. This will cover FBA tools, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting and Amazon Pay. Interesting thing is that Amazon has announced Amazon Pay integration with Worldpay, so both payment options should be available in the Branded Stores solution. For now, the offer is available for North America only.

Let’s see where the trend goes, but it is clear that life becomes easier for Amazon Sellers with this new approach.