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Transform your mobile device
into a powerful Amazon research tool
Mobile Gizmo

Mobile Gizmo

Mobile Gizmo introduces new features you have never seen before in Amazon mobile tools.

More than an FBA calculator - it allows you to find a products in Amazon catalog and get exact sales rank and pricing for them!

Mobile Gizmo is your Amazon research tool on your phone or tablet!

Make your analyzing process easy at each step

Attending an industry event? Sourcing for products on your local market? Visiting a yard sale?

With Mobile Gizmo in one click you can easily dial up products of interest and understand if they are worth your time.

Scan product by

Scan product by


Search product by

Search product by


Never lose scanned products

Mobile Gizmo allows you to compile a list of products and send them to your email for further research!

Store product list<br />on your device

Store product list
on your device

Extract Excel<br />by sending email

Extract Excel
by sending email

Calculate FBA Fees on the go!

FBA fees, calculated based on the latest Amazon formula, are estimated on product dimensions, as well as on product weight and price.



FBA fee calculator
for scanned products



FBA fee calculator for products
not yet present on Amazon

Find an interesting<br />product

Find an interesting

Scan a barcode<br />with Mobile Gizmo

Scan a barcode
with Mobile Gizmo

Get all important data<br />on your device

Get all important data
on your device

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