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New version of AZ Opportunity Gizmo is available on the Chrome Market

The 1.6.25 version contains the following changes and fixes:

  • Net column was added to the manager – “Net”.
  • Entered MWS account settings are now hidden for security purposes.
  • BB Price and FBA fee fields show accurate data with MWS account entered.
  • # of Sellers field accuracy is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue with the Title fields for certain products.
  • Fixed scanning issues for the following categories: Best Sellers, Mobile Apps, Digital Music, Home.
  • Switching Product Category issues in FBA calculator fixed.
  • 2 new buttons were added to the action panel – Play market and AppStore shortcuts to AZ Mobile.

Thank you for using AZ Opportunity Gizmo and don’t forget that you can contact our support team with any possible issues or enhancement ideas you might have. Let’s make AZ Opportunity Gizmo better together.