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One thing that drops your conversion rate on Amazon!

Today I want to talk to you about something that is very simple but very powerful! And it is something that is probably killing your conversion rate, if you sell on Amazon. And you might not even be aware of it!

So what is that one thing that you can tweak and fix in five or ten minutes today? And it is easy to fix! It is Questions and Answers section of your Amazon listing!

When was the last time that you looked at that particular section? I tell you what: I was just looking at some of my listings the other day and it has been probably six months since I looked at that Questions and Answers section. And I was surprised, because there were several questions there, that have been answered incorrectly or in an unflattering way by Amazon users, and I understood that it was affecting in a negative way my conversion rate. So I fixed the wrong answers, and my conversion rate did go up!

What is Questions and Answers section and what am I talking about, when I say i ‘’fixed’’ it?

So, Amazon gives anyone an ability to ask a question on an Amazon listing. And that question could be about the ingredients, or the effectiveness, could be about the size or a color, literally anything. And a lot of buyers when they are browsing Amazon look through those Questions and Answers. So, just like Amazon gives anyone an ability to ask a question, it also gives anyone an ability to answer that question!

It means that you, as a seller, can answer that question. The nice thing is that Amazon will identify you as seller, when you answer that. But any other Amazon customer, regardless of whether they have actually bought or used your product, can also answer that question!


Questions best answered by buyers

Now, sometimes it makes sense, that it is better for customers to answer the question instead of you, as it may have a more powerful impact. This helps when customers are asking questions like:

  • How do you like a product?
  • How effective it is?
  • Is the smell pleasant?
  • Does the color go well with your decor?
  • Do you have a tough time getting your dog to eat it the treat?

In those situations, when the answer is really subjective, it is actually more powerful to have a customer answer those questions, than it is for you as a seller to answer them. Because if you, as a seller, say: ‘’Oh yeah! This is the best thing in the world!’’ – obviously customers are going to see that, and understand that an owner of the product can never be objective. And if it’s an independent party that is answering a question like that, then that answer carries more weight.


Questions best answered by sellers

So, in which cases is it more powerful for you as a seller to take action answering questions?

And that is anytime the answer is not really subjective. Questions about size, color, ingredients, safety, or anything of that nature should always be answered by you – the seller.


And how do you control this?

Well, Amazon gives people the ability to vote on the helpfulness of answers for questions. And so over time the answer that most people think was helpful is the one that will show up first. All the other answers will be kind of hidden, and you will have to click to see more answers

What if someone questioned: ‘’Does your dog like these treats?’’ And the majority of people answered: ‘’Yes, my dog adores these treats!’’ But at the same time, there is one negative feedback that says: ‘’No, my dog wouldn’t eat them.’’ And if several people vote yes on the answer’s helpfulness for a negative comment, and no one votes yes for many positive comments, guess what, – the negative feedback will show up in Questions and Answers section for that listing. And that is what will be killing your conversion rate on Amazon!

So, obviously it is a little bit unethical and probably frowned upon by Amazon for you to be going in and manipulating these answers in regards to which ones show up on Amazon, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a group of loyal fans, or loyal customers of your brand, who understand how important it is for their voice to be heard, to be able to answer these questions and help decide which answers are helpful.

In the situation mentioned above, it is reasonable to think that if there are many answers from people who really love your product, – then those might be helpful to customers as well, instead of just the one that is negative.

In any case, whether you decide to manipulate votes or not (asking your customers for help), the whole point of this blog post is accentuate what a powerful thing Questions and Answers section is, and make you sure, that it does affect your sales in a BIG way!

So be sure to keep an eye on Questions and Answers section on your Amazon listings!