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The idea of Opportunity Gizmo creation belongs not to IT company, as it usually happens with business tool, but to one Amazon seller. Working for years on Amazon, this seller, let’s call him Mr.Gizmo, was regularly researching the market trying to find what products are in trend and what goods he can sell with the highest profit. Mr.Gizmo was very successful in it, but market research was taking too long, and he wanted to automate some processes, but didn’t know how. At one moment, he was talking to his friend, who was working in IT business, explaining difficulties he was facing daily, saying that even simple possibility of exporting the list of products to excel would save him a lot of time.

Mr.Gizmo’s friend was surprised that Amazon didn’t have this functionality and said that it would not be very difficult to implement. One lead to another and they agreed that Mr.Gizmo’s friend would create a tool for him. The tools was simple, with no design or anything, working primitively but facilitating Mr.Gizmo’s life. Few months later Mr.Gizmo suggested that it would be useful to have some additional options and in this case the tool might become interesting to other Amazon dealer. Some software companies already had ready software for Amazon sellers and Mr.Gizmo tried a few of them, but that was not exactly what he wanted to.

Few months later we received the first version of Opportunity Gizmo with some basic features. The person who inspired us on the creation of AZ Gizmo monitors all the changes we make and tells what he, as an Amazon dealer, would like to have in the tool. Every feature we add is based on Mr.G’s experience, he was and still remains the generator of all the Opportunity Gizmo functionalities.

We hope that all the Opportunity Gizmo users will join the tool creator and start sharing their ideas on how to facilitate their business with the help of our tool. Who knows, it might be your idea that would become the inspiration for the new AZgizmo product or functionality.