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Amazon Product Research Easier at Each Step

Opportunity Gizmo

$49.99 $99

7 Days Free Trial!
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Key Features

  • Prices, ranks, sellers, FBA fees &
    Product History
  • Estimated Sales & Revenue
  • Customizable Product List

Imperative Gizmo


14 Days Free Trial
Unleash the Full Power

Product Tracker Web App

  • Track up to 80 ASINs
  • Spy on your competition
  • LIVE Prices, Ranks, Estimated Sales, Number and Types of Sellers

Mobile Gizmo


Research Everywhere!

Mobile App

  • Scan with Camera
  • Prices, Ranks, Number of Sellers, FBA Fees
  • Export Product List to Email

Have any specific wishes or want to get your own app? - Get in contact, we can build your own feature.

Opportunity Gizmo:

  • Integrates into Chrome browser as an extension for product research
  • Extract essential product information from both Amazon search results or Amazon product pages
  • Extract pricing data, sales ranks, estimated sales, FBA fees, dimensions per product
  • Estimated sales and revenue based on rank and performance history
  • Combine multiple scan results into one table
  • Similar, Related and Product Variants scanning option
  • Accurate FBA fee calculation with MWS provided
  • Export selected products to Excel
  • Export Selected Products to Imperative for Tracking
  • Manage Product List - Check and Remove Individual Products
  • 30 Days Product History Overview


  • Track specific ASINs in time to analyse sales trend and make educated decisions
  • Track products's rank changes over time
  • Track products' price changes over time
  • Track the number of sellers per specific products
  • Identify sellers: FBA, Merchant, Amazon
  • Calculate estimated sales based on your cost
  • Estimated sales based on rank and performance history
  • Analyze specific timeframes
  • Apply smart filters to your tracking list to understand how market changes over time
  • Add up to 80 ASINs for real-time tracking
  • Import a list of ASINs from Opportunity and Mobile Gizmo
  • Import a list of ASINs in bulk to get essential product information (ranks, prices, number of sellers)
  • Export product data to Excel

Mobile Gizmo:

  • iOS & Android app to quickly get all essential product info: prices, ranks, fees, number of sellers, etc.
  • Search by name, keyword or ASIN
  • Scan with Device Camera
  • Automated FBA fee calculation for scanned products
  • Manual FBA fee calculation for products not yet present on Amazon
  • Save product list on device
  • Export product list to Excel
  • Send product list to email

With any product you get:

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Secure Registration

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24/7 Support

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Online Help Materials

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