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Selling on Amazon FBA: Q4 Selling Tips

What are the three things you can do to maximize your success in Q4? With lessons learned over 4 years from my selling and based on ideas that successful sellers share, I have come up with a list of 3 simple things that you should know to thrive during Q4 on Amazon.

We all know that Q4 is the time when most retailers both online and offline make most of their money. Black Friday is black because that’s when most retailers go from red to black on their balance sheets 🙂 A lot of people bet a lot on Q4. So, what can we do to maximize our sales during the fourth quarter?

1. Stay in stock!

I can tell you from experience, there is nothing more frustrating being just a couple of weeks before Christmas and being out of stock! It’s literally like leaving money on the table. Worst yet – it’s avoidable by planning now, and getting in touch with your suppliers, doing some research on how well your type of product sells, and how much of an increase you might be able to expect around the holidays. You can stay in stock!

2. Acknowledge the holidays!

Showcase gift options! Consider using holiday photos! It can be as simple as adding holiday elements on your existing photos. You might also consider to have some of the new images created that are specific for the holidays. Show that trinket that you are selling nicely wrapped in a gift box! Maybe use copy that says: ‘’Perfect as a gift’’. Maybe encourage people to order more than one by letting them know that these are perfect for gifts. Maybe show an image of bunch of kids getting your item if that’s a popular gift idea.

Also make sure that in Seller Central settings you have gift wrapping and gift options checked. Amazon does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to these things, and many shoppers will opt for an item that is eligible for gift wrapping and gift messaging. By default your listings do not have those boxes checked in Seller Central. And around the holidays that could make a huge difference.

3. Stay on top of your customer service!

A lot of brands see huuuge increase in customer interactions, whether that is via social media or through Amazon platform. The influx of traffic and sales means the influx of in customer relations to customer service and it’s a great opportunity to turn unhappy customers into happy ones, it’s a great opportunity to create fans out of people that contact you and that you interact with via messaging and follow ups. Make sure that you are putting your A-game when it comes to customer service.

Think of how you can create a lifelong fan for your brand, your product. Maybe lead them to want to purchase something else and spread the word about your brand and products. You just must excel at your customer service, because at the end of the day – that is really something that may become a key factor when customer is making a purchasing decision!