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Selling on Amazon: how to handle one star reviews?


All of us have been in a situation when we wake up one sunny morning just to see that one of the buyers has left us a bad review on one of theitems sold. This is definitely not good and our morning is spoiled! So today let me share my experience on what to do when we get one star review.

First off, and this is probably one of the most important things I’ll say today, – do not panic! It happens to everyone. I still remember my first one star review: my blood was boiling, smoke coming out of my nostrils, i just was convinced this was going to be my downfall! It will feel bad on your second one, fifth, or even tenth review. But eventually you will become numb to it when you realize that one star review is not going to be yourdownfall and you move on.

But i really want to encourage you, if you are just starting out, not to panic, when it starts happening to you.

My next advice is – respond firmly to the review on Amazon. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend having an amazon account that is linked to your seller account: that way when you post and respond, you can actually change the name of your profile to the name of your company, or tocustomer service. That way you are not responding with your personal name – it looks a little bit more professional.

When you are responding to a review there are few things that are important. The first is that you want to be timely about, you don’t want one star review just sit there for days, certainly not for weeks or months. The second is – don’t be defensive in your response, but do correct the record. What do i mean by that? Quite simply, if someone says this product sucks, you don’t want to respond and say: ‘’well, you suck!’’ Ha-ha! It sounds obvious, but back to our first point, when you are upset, and when your blood’s boiling, you just want to respond exactly that way out of anger. So give yourself a few hours, take some deep breath, go for a walk, do whatever you need to find your happy place and go tackle your one-star review.

If you are selling dog treats, and someone says: ‘’My dog hates them! I’ll never buy this again!’’ Well, in my response, i wouldn’t want to say: ‘’well, you dog’s stupid’’, or ‘’i can’t believe you dog doesn’t like the treat, – every other dog does!’’ In fact in response, you just want to be appreciative of their feedback, thank them for taking the time to comment, in that situation, there is really nothing to correct.

But if someone does put misinformation, or false information in that review: make false statement about ingredients or product weight, – do correct the record! And do so in a polite and professional way that is not defensive. Thank the customer, let the customer know that you appreciate the feedback, that you are listening, and that you take things like this seriously.

Advice number three – make sure you give the customer a way to contact you! To encourage them to reach out to you simply ask them to, or create a link so that the customer can contact you through any software feedback tools on the market. Let your customers know, that you want to resolve a problem, that you are listening and willing to help.

Keep in mind that when you are writing a response to a one star review, you are writing it not only to a customer that just wrote that bad review. It’s not that you trying to reverse the damage or correct a mistake, but you are really writing your response for your future customers that may view that one star review. So keep those people in mind, when you writing a review. Think about what things they would want to see – that you are a responsible company that has it’s customers best interests in mind.

Next: you want to identify and try to contact reviewer. You can do that through a public review of profile on Amazon, by clicking on their name, or send them a message through Amazon messaging platform.

Let’s assume that you were able to find that order and identify the customer. Next, it’s perfectly OK to message them and explain that you saw theirfeedback on Amazon, that you are very sorry for their experience, offer to replace the product if applicable, or refund their order. One my favorite things i like to do is ask them what you could do to make it up to them. Most of the time, customer will tell you: it can be refunding them or sending a replacement. Ask them what it can be to turn this experience around for them. Apologize, take ownership, be authentic, and you will get the best results.

Now, things not to do if you are able to contact a customer: ask them to remove a review or change the star rating! That’s clearly against Amazon rules, and it’s just common sense that that’s not something you should ask to do.

Overall, when responding to a one star review think about what’s in customers’ best interests, because I promise you, my friends, if you serve your customer, they will in turn serve you.