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Strategies to Use to Get Verified and Trustworthy Customer Reviews for your Amazon Products

Ever wondered how accomplished sellers on Amazon get this many reviews right off the bat? There are actually some tricks behind that, and you’re about to learn a few of them! No Black Hat! Risk Free!


Why Reviews are Important?

Customer Reviews on Amazon are one of the many aspects that influence your sales. Your customers can see all reviews left by the buyers of your product and most of the time make their purchasing decision based on what those stories have to say.

Also, the more reviews your product has – the higher the chance your potential buyer will go through with the purchase.


Amazon rules

Reviews are very important part of Amazon, and this e-commerce king wants to know that all your reviews are unbiased and natural, because buyers like you and me most often base our purchasing decisions on what other customers think of a certain product.

As of October 2016, Amazon does not allow any incentivised reviews, and clearly states in its terms of service that:


  • You may not provide compensation, including free or discounted products for a review
  • Review solicitation that ask for only positive reviews, or offer compensation are prohibited
  • You may not ask buyers to modify or remove reviews
  • You cannot ask for reviews from your friends and family


Now, keep in mind, there are some things that Amazon does not mention. Therefore, certain things are technically allowed:

  • Amazon does NOT state that you may not ask for a review
  • Amazon does NOT state that you can’t request a review when your product is discounted to everyone


This means that when your friend tells you: ‘’Hey, let me write a review for you, and you will give me a discount’’ – you are meant to reply: ‘’I can’t do that’’, according to the rules. But if you provide a discount on the store for everyone, and your friend buys it, you can certainly ask him to leave a review.

And remember, Amazon is very good at tracking those sellers, who violate their terms of service, so do not think that you can get away with trying to buy reviews.


Strategies I Use to Get Verified and Trustworthy Reviews

Email your customers asking for a review 7 days after their purchase

You can either email your customers manually, or use some software that will automate the process of emailing customers, reminding them to leave a review.

But be gentle about it! Do not spam people, who purchased your product, 24h after the purchase. Do not overdo it. You may receive bad reviews because you are annoying your buyer. Give them some time. I would recommend emailing your buyer 7 days after he has received an item.

Also, start from a customer service angle. Do not bluntly ask for a review, say: ‘’Hey, I just wanted to make sure, that you had received your product. It would be very much appreciated, if you could share your experience with the product leaving me a review.’’ So, the focus of your message should be customer service driven, and this will definitely lead to you receiving organic and trustworthy reviews.


Giveaway Your Newly Launched Products

On Amazon, reviews are going to be a big focus on your product launch. It is necessary to share your product, to give it away for free. I wish it wasn’t like this, I wish we could just throw products organically on Amazon (just like it is on eBay), and watch them rise in search rankings.

Amazon has gotten so competitive that it’s a necessity to give away at least 20-30 products in exchange for reviews, just to get noticed by Amazon’s search engine and acquire some rank.

Amazon understands this, they allow it, this is exactly why they have coupon codes. Also, the magic number of reviews you should aim to get is between 16 to 21. I have noticed, that once you hit 16 reviews mark your conversion rate will rise drastically, and you will be able to compete successfully with products that have over 100 reviews.

More reviews do make you rank higher, but more reviews are not going to help your conversion rate much at all.


Maintain Balance between Organic Sales and Giveaways

Amazon monitors your sales activity constantly with their algorithms, thus do not constantly give away products.

When launching a product, I recommend that you do an initial boost right off the bat, giving away up to 30 products to accumulate those magic 16 reviews, and then launch your giveaway campaigns every 2-3 months giving away up to 20 products.


Focus on your Listing

Focus on good pictures – white background, make sure they meet all of Amazon’s standards. Pay attention to your listing’s name, provide a good description that covers all aspects of your product. Never mention or request reviews in your product description or bullet points.


Listen to your Customers and Improve your Product

Think about it. When was the last time you had an experience, whether that was through a product or maybe it was a restaurant that you have tried out, that you just LOVED, and you couldn’t help, but tell other people about. You know, it doesn’t happen very often, in fact most of the time, we, as consumers, are left kind of feeling ambivalent about a product. It is not necessarily a bad experience, that we usually feel about new products or services that we try, but it’s not something that we want to rush out and tell everyone about.

This is all true to what customers feel when we sell them a product on Amazon. It’s not that they might have a bad experience with you product and fail to leave a review, but it’s simply not something over the top. And I can tell you, when I look at our portfolio of products – the few that perform the best (and we had to work the least hard to get reviews for) are the ones that are just incredible products!

So look through your roster of products, whether it’s just one or a hundred and ask yourself: which of those really stand out, and what tweaks can you make to your existing product line-up.


General observations:

  • Do not get upset with low-star reviews, Amazon punishes those without any. It even makes your product reviews look more authentic
  • Do not view negative reviews as evil-doings of your competitors trying to sabotage you. Analyse your product, improve it, improve shipping, improve packaging, get better reviews
  • You don’t want all your reviews to say: ‘’I have received this product for free in return for my review.’’
  • Always message your organic buyers and ask for review
  • Do not put coupon codes for your other merchandise through Amazon correspondence with buyer. It’s not allowed by Amazon’s terms of service
  • Do not run Amazon’s PPC until you get at least 16 reviews. You conversion rate will not be high enough. You will be wasting money
  • Do content marketing about your products. Shoot a video manual, shoot unboxing video, write several blog posts. This will result in more sales, –  thus more organic reviews


Low-star reviews

Of course, getting a negative review is just unavoidable – it`s a matter of “when” rather than “if”. So be sure to read my article on battling negative reviews!