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What is Amazon Sales Rank and How to Use it

Today we are going to talk about something very important in any Amazon seller’s research routine – Amazon Sales Rank.

In general Sales Rank is a number that Amazon assigns to a product, which indicates how frequently an item sells. So this means that you can useSales Rank as an indicator of how popular the product is. Let’s try to understand sales rank as a whole and how it applies to your Amazon business.

So, if the items is never sold – it doesn’t have a sales rank. If a product has a sales rank, then you know that it has sold at least one time. If product doesn’t sell in time, the sales rank gets worse and worse, in fact it gets higher. The higher the sales rank number – the worse (1 mill, 2 mill). Then along comes a sale, and boom – sales rank drops down to a 100 000, 10 000 figures. Then if the product doesn’t have any more sales, sales rankcontinues to get higher from there. So ultimately you have to understand that rank is driven down by sales: lower sales rank is better, it’s pushed down when it gets purchased. When product is devoid of demand – the sales rank goes up.

Sales rank is very important, but the most important thing to understand about sales rank is that it is just a snapshot in time. That means that at different points of time sales rank differs. So knowing this, I will demonstrate you a situation: let’s say that there is a product that doesn’t sell often at all. It’s current sales rank is 12 000 000, which indicates that a product hasn’t been sold in a long time. But then comes a sale and rank shoots down to 100 000. After that moment you scan a product and say: ‘’wow, it’s a $500 product with a rather low rank – a killer deal’’. However if you are experienced, upon further investigation you will find out that the rank was recently 12 000 000, and this item is not going to sell as frequently as most 100 000 ranked products. So this case shows that we need to understand the whole picture of how sales rank changed in time. For this you can use amazon research tool and fba fee calculator from AZ Gizmo – AZ Opportunity Gizmo.

So what you are ultimately looking for to make wise decisions is an average sales rank, not an instant sales rank. Average sales rank gives a much wider picture of how often an item sells. Based on an average sales rank number you can understand the demand for a product, thus make well-thought decisions.

Hope this article covers the essence of what Amazon sales rank is about and how to utilize it to your advantage. If you have any questions on sales rank be sure to drop us a line at or initiate a chat on our website. We are always glad to communicate with our users and our ultimate goal is to make your Amazon journey simple and profitable.